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After the rise in digital assets: How to invest safely in cryptocurrencies?
Wed, 02/28/2024 - 15:00

Nicolás Jaramillo

CEO de Arch.Finance
Nicolás Jaramillo

CEO de Arch.Finance

2024 is billed as an iconic year for the cryptocurrency market. The halving and approval of the Bitcoin ETF keeps investors with their eyes on this digital asset. During 2023, it had a profitability of close to 150%, which is why many Chileans are already diversifying their portfolios in this market.

However, many uncertainties arise for those who do not know how it works. It is safe? How do I manage my money? - are some of the basic questions that arise.

To make an investment, it is always important to know the type of instrument that I will use to know its advantages and risks in advance. In the case of crypto assets, they are digital assets based on blockchain technology, which allow advantages such as: diversifying your portfolio and taking advantage of the growth potential of a sector that is developing.

Through Web3.0, you can access a global and decentralized market that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is why many people use cryptocurrencies as a safe haven asset against the volatility of their currency and growing inflation, as is the case in Argentina. In addition, transactions in crypto assets are carried out on platforms where you access your investment information safely and quickly, allowing you to make decisions with clear information.

Crypto assets have high price volatility, which is why it is important to invest in an informed manner and be able to get advice to diversify our capital in a good way. For this, it is important to review the best platforms offered by the market and pay special attention to the issue of cybersecurity, since since everything is online it is important not to fall for false websites or fraudulent links.

In Chile there is a lack of regulation, but we hope that, with the Fintech Law regulations, we can move forward so that consumers have legal protection and that the platforms comply with security standards.