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Noboa. Foto: Europa Press.
Ecuador declares electrical emergency due to power outages

President Daniel Noboa called for the resignation of the Energy Minister and an investigation for sabotage.

Wenance vía página web.
Alejandro Muszak, CEO of the fintech lender Wenance, was arrested

Today he will be investigated for the crimes of fraud and illicit association.

crédito foto DW Lula con Petro
Petro and Lula meet this week to promote bilateral trade and investment

President Lula's agenda in Colombia begins Wednesday morning when he will meet with President Petro at the Casa de Nariño. Bilateral agreements will be signed after the meeting.

Paro. Foto: Reuters.
Argentina is preparing for a new national strike on May 9

For the second time since Javier Milei began his mandate, Argentine workers will protest against salary adjustments and labor reforms.

Fuente: Reuters
Mexico confirms suspension of commercial ties with Ecuador and takes embassy assault to the International Court

The Mexican Foreign Minister, Alicia Bárcena, explained that the lawsuit will be submitted today and added that with it Mexico wants to test the international justice system so that situations like what happened in the Ecuadorian capital do not repeat.

Visita Scholz. Foto: Gobierno de Chile.
Gabriel Boric to visit Germany in June to strengthen energy cooperation

The trip will take place after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Argentina, Brazil and Chile in January last year seeking to ensure the availability of critical minerals.

Javier Milei, Reuters
Argentina: Javier Milei seeks a "second chance" for the Bases Law in Congress

After being rejected at the beginning of the year, the government circulated a reduced and modified version of its extensive general reform bill to legislators and governors to advance it in the upper house.

Fuente: Reuters
Petrobras: CEO's permanence is in the hands of Lula da Silva

According to Brazil's Energy Minister, Alexandre Silveira, the future of Jean Paul Prates, manager of the state oil company, depends on the president. The executive has been criticized by sectors of the Government that want him to lower fuel prices and increase job-generating investments.

Fuente: Reuters
Brazilian federal authorities question license for a potash mine in the Amazon region

The project, which could reduce the dependence of 90% of Brazilian agriculture on imported potash, has been paralyzed for years due to opposition from the Mura indigenous people, who claim to have not been consulted about the use of their ancestral lands.

Fuente: Comisión Interamericana de Puertos
President of the Port Authority of Peru resigns after controversial concession of Chancay port

The Minister of Transport of the Andean country denies that the resignation is linked to the controversial concession of Chancay port to Chinese consortium Cosco Shipping Ports.

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia
Dina Boluarte swore in six ministers of state

The Peruvian president relieved the cabinet members of the Interior, Education, Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Production, Foreign Trade and Tourism, and Women and Vulnerable Populations sectors.

Dina Boluarte,  Andina
Peru: Prosecutor's Office and police raid the president's house

Dina Boluarte is being investigated for alleged illicit enrichment, as a result of the use of Rolex watches that she did not declare in her assets.

crédito foto Reuters
UN warns that situation in Haiti is "catastrophic"

According to the organization, "corruption, impunity, poor governance" and "increasing levels of gang violence" have dragged the country "to the brink of collapse."

sequia Chile crédito foto Reuters
Chile commits to water management as it becomes affected by drought more than any other country in the continent

From artificial glaciers to irrigation projects in rainy areas, authorities are shifting towards a water policy with a regional focus and emphasis on water security. The goal is to mitigate the effects of climate change, while rethinking the way the resource is accessed.

Fuente: Reuters
Petro's constitutional assembly proposal: what's new for the Colombian economy?

The president proposed to re-found the Colombian state on the back of a constitutional assembly that promotes his government's reform agenda by amending the 1991 Constitution.

Milei Reuters
Milei's first 100 days in Argentina "are a real success", says The Economist

Despite his growing popularity, the newspaper assures that Argentines "are suffering deeply" and could remove their support much sooner, which would be a serious blow to the reforms he intends to promote, which are already facing resistance from some quarters at the legislative branch.

Malvinas. Foto: Reuters.
Argentine government summons British ambassador for Cameron's visit to the Malvinas Islands

The British Foreign Minister, David Cameron, said from the islands that the inhabitants of the archipelago will be able to spend "as long as they want" under the United Kingdom Administration.

Milei. Foto: Reuters.
Milei fires Secretary of Labor for controversial salary increase

The increase derives from a decree signed at the end of February by the president of Argentina himself, who assures that what should have been an agreement to raise salaries of civil servants caused a decree from the time of Cristina Fernández to be "triggered."

Gustavo Adrianzén is the new Prime Minister of Peru

He will replace Alberto Otárola, who resigned the day before after the broadcast of compromising audios and was present at the swearing-in ceremony.

Alberto Otárola
Peru: Prime Minister resigns after the dissemination of compromising audios

Alberto Otárola said he was the victim of a plot and accused the former president, Martín Vizcarra, of being behind the conspiracy.