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Fuente: Reuters
Colombian imports rebound in May, but continue the year with a negative balance

Imports of foreign products increased 2.2% in May, about US$ 117 million more than in May 2023.

Fuente: CAF
CAF approves loan of US$ 110 million to finance road infrastructure in Bolivia

The program will finance the construction of 300 strategic bridges, adding 10,000 meters of new infrastructure.

    Fuente: Agencia Andina
    Peruvian exports to the US exceed US$101 billion since the FTA was approved in 2009

    The trade agreement allowed increasing business opportunities for national entrepreneurs.

    Crédito foto Agencia Andina
    Peruvian authorities claim to be reactivating the oil sector

    "We are already reactivating, a few days ago the contract for Lot 8 was signed, so that lot is reactivated with an initial production of approximately 800 barrels per day," said the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons of that country, Iris Cárdenas.

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    Chile: transportation costs fall in June

    With this, the indicator accumulates a contraction of -0.5% so far this year, in all the subsectors that make up the sector.

    mercado pago
    Mercado Pago: benefits of operating as a bank would be greater than the weight of having more regulation

    Rather than taking part of the pie from the big traditional players, it is about enlarging it by adding the population that is currently unbanked.

    Foto Reuters
    Colombian Ecopetrol seeks to acquire stake in American CrownRock

    The percentage of participation in the assets that would be the subject of the eventual acquisition and the amount to be paid by Ecopetrol are still the subject of analysis.

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    Peru has 35 renewable energy projects in its portfolio

    Four renewable energy plants and one hydroelectric plant are being built this year

    crédito foto Reuters Fitch
    Fitch maintains Mexico's risk rating at BBB- with a stable outlook

    The entity expresses open concern about Mexico's governance, emphasizing that "it is already relatively weak, with the World Bank's Global Governance Indicator score at the 32nd percentile, which is well below the 'BBB' median of the 58th percentile." .

    crédito foto Sky airlines
    SKY, Air France and KLM sign agreement to connect passengers to and from Europe with destinations in Chile, Peru and the rest of the region

    Air France and KLM travelers arriving in Santiago, Lima and other cities in the region will be able to connect with the SKY network. The agreement will begin marketing during the next two weeks.

    Fuente: Reuters
    77% of Mexicans would be willing to sacrifice a flexible schedule to receive a salary increase

    This is one of the highlighted findings of the Latin American Labor Market Panorama report by Deel and Opinaia.

    Fuente: Agencia Andina
    Fishing sector in Peru recorded the best performance in South America in May

    The success responds to its sustainability, which is coordinated work between the public and private sectors, states the SNP.

    Fuente: Reuters
    Guild of Chilean electricity generators rules out a pardon of interest on the State debt

    In parallel, the controversy over what could be an increase of up to an extra 10% in electricity bills, due to the reliquidation of Distribution Value Added (VAD) rates, has hardened the discussion.

    Fuente: El Economista
    Director of the Mexico City Airport promises major changes, but starting in 2026

    To improve the travel experience at Mexico's main airport and comply with operational safety standards on the ground, during the six-year period to end, voices have been heard proposing to build a third passenger terminal.

    Crédito foto Reuters LATAM airlines
    LATAM Airlines prepares listing on the NYSE for US$ 8.5 billion

    The Santiago, Chile-based airline could raise more than US$533 million for its selling shareholders if it sold shares at a price close to their last close on the Chilean stock exchanges, where they are already listed.

    Fuente: Eductrade
    Eductrade is awarded new sanitation and energy projects in Peru and Nicaragua for US$ 56 million

    The projects include drinking water and sanitation networks in Arequipa (Peru) and the improvement of the sewage system in Chinandega (Nicaragua).

    Fuente: Reuters
    Ursula von der Leyen is confirmed to assume a second term as president of the European Commission

    The former German Defense Minister presented her proposals to the European Parliament, which finally supported her candidacy to continue at the helm of the organization.

    Axel Christensen
    Axel Christensen, director of investment strategy for Latin America at BlackRock: “Sustainability is going to be part of the analysis that every investor must do”

    Taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into account when making investment decisions is increasingly common to measure risks and ensure future profitability. In that sense, Latin America can play an important role in key processes, such as the energy transition.

    credito Sonami
    Miners ask Boric to avoid a factual 'closure' of Enami due to the sale of 10% in Quebrada Blanca

    According to Sonami, this decision would deprive the company of its “most important asset in terms of assets and future generation of income outside the exploitation”, slipping that the offer that it would be interweaving with Codelco does not maximize the value of the asset, which mostly belongs to the Teck company.

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    Uruguayan government authorizes merger of Montecable, TCC and Nuevo Siglo

    The Communication Services Regulatory Unit had already given its approval, both in matters of defense of competition and regulation of the telecommunications market.

    crédito foto Reuters México
    Mexico reaches record participation in total exports from China

    Beijing has reduced its market share in total imports to the United States, the world's largest importer; but at the same time it has increased its external sales to other destinations such as Mexico and Vietnam, who have increased their exports to the US market proportionally.

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    Chilean pulp Arauco completes sale of plantations in Brazil for more than US$ 1,160 million

    After taxes, the value of the transaction was approximately US$ 967 million, thus generating “a profit of approximately US$ 174 million after taxes.

    crédito foto Rext
    Bruno Drobeta, CEO of Rext: “Using tokenization technology you can be a shareholder in a property”

    Backed by blockchain technology and smart contracts , this Argentine firm promotes investments in real estate in the US using tokens that allow each property to be divided into smaller units, seeking to make investments more accessible and democratic.

    Fuente: ProChile
    Chilean exports of fresh fruits reached record figures in the first half of 2024

    ProChile detected historical values in shipments of cherries, blueberries and plums, among others. Services, particularly ICT and maintenance and repair, also continued to grow.

    Banorte. Foto: Reuters.
    Mexican bank Banorte earned US$840 million in the first quarter

    The president of the board of directors highlighted that the results obtained show their efforts to focus on the client and offer them personalized services according to their needs.

    Fuente: Reuters
    Popular Power launches software platform to help solar companies achieve after-sales excellence

    According to Software Chain, the solar industry is experiencing rapid growth, with projections indicating that 20% of global electricity demand will come from solar energy by 2024.

    Fuente: Minerva Foods
    Sale of Marfrig refrigerators to Minerva in Uruguay stalls due to intervention by Saudi group

    The Uruguayan Competition Defense Commission denied the operation between the Brazilian groups and now the issue goes through other administrative channels.

    Fuente: Reuters
    Trump will ratify Jerome Powell as Fed chair if he wins the US presidential election.

    Likewise, he did not rule out the possibility of appointing Jamie Dimon, current CEO of JPMorgan Chase, as future Secretary of the Treasury.

    crédito Reuters
    Controller of Banmédica Companies will sell its operations in Chile

    The UnitedHealth Group Incorporated group confirmed that “it intends to sell its operations in South America, which would include operations in Chile, Peru and Colombia.” The American company had bought the Chilean Isapre in 2017 for US$ 2.8 billion.

    Fuente: Mercosur
    Trade balance between Bolivia and Mercosur fell more than 500% in 2023

    It was reduced from US$ 190 million in 2022 to - US$ 814 million in 2023.