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Integrated market of Chile, Peru and Colombia seals alliance with fintech associations
Friday, May 3, 2024 - 15:45
Fuente: nuam exchange

nuam exchange , as part of its commitment to the development of new technologies in the financial industry and the promotion of innovation in the region, signed a collaboration agreement with the fintech associations of the respective countries.

In a strategic move to contribute to the strengthening of the financial innovation ecosystem in Latin America, nuam exchange , the result of the integration of the Santiago, Lima and Colombia Stock Exchanges, announced an official alliance with the main fintech associations of Chile, Colombia and Peru .

The integration of the three stock exchanges into a single market poses several challenges, and to address them, the development of innovations and problem solving as a working method are fundamental tools.

These characteristics are similar to fintech , and one of the main motivations for nuam to commit to creating a collaboration space with each of the existing groups in each country.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the regional financial landscape by joining forces with the main fintech associations in the region, and aims to foster growth and innovation in the financial ecosystem, generating new business opportunities and promoting the development of the industry through regional level.

“This alliance represents an important step forward in our commitment to driving innovation and growth in the regional financial sector,” commented Gabriel San Martín, senior manager of Business Development at nuam exchange .

“We are excited to join forces with the region's fintech associations to create a more dynamic and collaborative ecosystem that benefits all participants,” added San Martín.

For his part, Ángel Sierra, executive director of FinteChile, pointed out that “it is an honor for FinteChile that Nuam has joined the Fintech Partners program. With the integration of the exchanges that they achieved for Peru, Colombia and Chile, new opportunities will open for fintech companies to access financing that continues to accompany their growth.”

Meanwhile, Roberto Vargas, president of Fintech Peru, assured: "The incorporation of nuam exchange to the fintech unions of Chile, Colombia and Peru is a powerful sign of the financial integration of the countries of the Pacific Alliance, as well as the development of innovative initiatives to generate liquidity and more investment in our countries, especially in the fintech industry. We will work together to make this happen.

“For Colombia Fintech it is essential to have partners like nuam that allow us to access information, good practices and
experience of partners like nuam . The integration of so many countries allows them to have a 360° view of what is happening in different countries.
markets in real time and we hope to have a very profitable relationship exchanging information, knowledge and deepening the
fintech ecosystem through that experience” commented Gabriel Santos, president of Colombia Fintech.

The alliance between nuam and the fintech associations of Chile, Colombia and Peru represents a relevant step towards the co-creation of a more inclusive, innovative and prosperous future for the financial industry in Latin America.