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UN warns that situation in Haiti is "catastrophic"
Thursday, March 28, 2024 - 11:32
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According to the organization, "corruption, impunity, poor governance" and "increasing levels of gang violence" have dragged the country "to the brink of collapse."

The UN Office for Human Rights (Acnudh) assured this Thursday that the situation in Haiti, a country devastated by gang violence, is "catastrophic", with more than 1,550 deaths at the hands of these groups so far this year. anus.

According to a report by the body headed by High Commissioner Volker Türk, the increasing levels of gang violence in the country have aggravated corruption, impunity and misgovernance, which is eroding the rule of law and making the population see " seriously deprived" of their rights.

"Corruption, impunity, poor governance, along with increasing levels of gang violence, brought Haiti to the brink of collapse," lamented the entity on social network multinational security support mission to help the national police stop the violence," he added. "The situation in Haiti is catastrophic," he warned.

"It is scandalous that despite the horror of the situation on the ground, weapons continue to arrive. I ask for a more effective application of the embargo" on them, Türk declared in the presentation of a new report this Thursday.

Haiti, which was already going through a deep political and security crisis, has suffered an upsurge in violence since the beginning of the month, when several gangs joined forces to attack strategic locations in Port-au-Prince, with the intention of overthrowing Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The controversial politician was unable to return to the country after a trip to Kenya at the beginning of the month. On March 11 he agreed to resign, and the future Haitian Presidential Council, which must take the reins of the nation, committed on Wednesday to reestablish "public and democratic order."


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